Kristallblau animated movie

Teamwork with Janina Quakenack – “Kristallblau” (Crystal Blue) is an approx. 15 minute long 3d animated fantasy short film. (Production: tba)

The boy Nuu has to bring his friend the tree dragon in a life-threatening situation to realize the value of the friendship.

Since a catastrophe that destroyed his village eight years ago, Nuu, an eleven year old boy, lives cut off from civilization. Grown up in the wild he knows how to look after himself by now. He built a small tree house in the treetop of the creature “tree dragon” and lives in symbiosis with him since he can remember. Nuu feeds on the dragon fruits, insects and drinks rainwater. In return he cares for the bark of the dragon and protects it from parasites and parasitic plants.

But the life in isolation is difficult, as Nuu is longing for humanity. A dragon friend cannot replace the loving devotion a child needs from his parents. Soon Nuu begins to look for objects in ruins and abandoned villages in hope to find out something about his past.

One day he breaks through the rotting wooden floor-boards of and old wooden shack and discovers strange shining crystals in a closed mine. But instead of sharing the boy’s happiness about his exceptional discovery, the dragon panics at the mere sight of the crystals and asks him to bring them back immediately. Nuu cannot understand the reaction of his friend and secretly keeps one of the crystals. That this act of defiance will have consequences is not difficult to guess. But only when it is already too late he understands what impact his careless behavior will really have.

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